Makers of Plan. Prove. Prosper

Can one person make a difference in the world? Unequivocally, YES.

Making a difference starts with a vision of improvement, be it for yourself, for others, or both.

But a vision that can’t be easily expressed, understood or shared isn’t likely to make a difference. Just as the right tools can make all the difference in the outcome for any craftsman, so can the right software. For all the power of today’s computers, it remains useless if it can’t be easily harnessed and applied.

Logic9s delivers software products that are specifically designed for realizing and rendering vision.

Whether it’s the dream of an entrepreneur, the plan for a rich and rewarding retirement, or an understanding of how to unlock the most value in a company — anything involving imagining and modeling the future — Logic9s software delivers decades of best-of-breed solutions crafted with the precise needs of the audience in mind. Like a custom-tailored suit, you’ll notice the difference in seconds.

At the same time, Logic9s is devoted to delivering these capabilities to as wide an audience as possible.

So although you’ll be using “rocket-science” technology under the covers, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get going. Powerful and simple can indeed live within the same sentence, or the same software.

And you won't need a rocket-building budget, either.

“Distributed computing”, “parallel processing” and Software as a Service make for good buzzwords, but more importantly, they’ll mean incredible value for you. We’re committed to it.


ClearFactr™ is Logic9s’ premier product, built from the ground up with all of the above in mind.  It’s designed to provide power, understanding and simplicity to users of traditional spreadsheets, and to create dramatically more productive workflows with others.

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Authors of financial models and their audiences now have a tool created specifically to help ensure their mutual success:

  • Easily create time-based models and plans using patent-pending “Self-Describing Spreadsheet”™ technology.
  • Easily analyze these models with powerful built-in analytics.
  • Easily configure and run elaborate simulations.
  • Easily share plans, simulations and scenarios with others, follow their interactions, and compare results.
  • Subscription-based, running in your web browser:  No installations, plugins,  downloads or old versions.

Situations perfectly suited for ClearFactr™  include:

  • An entrepreneur seeking funding from a group of investors
  • A business planning an expansion
  • Creating valuation models for company, cash flow and/or securities analysis
  • Building and understanding any type of savings plan — for retirement, college, or a future major purchase
  • Risk management

Delivered in real time to your browser, ClearFactr™ is always up to date and uses state-of-the-art security, backup and availability technology.

Watch our 2-minute video overview to learn more*

*Select 1080p, Full Screen for best viewing.


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